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Conscious Parenting for Social Justice Conference

A Collective Reimagining for a Liberated Future

June 18-20, 2021

The Conscious Parenting for Social Justice Conference is an open invitation for parents, caregivers, and educators to explore the question “What does conscious parenting for social justice look like?” 


Conscious Parenting is an act of resistance but in order for us to make a real impact, we have to be able to envision the world we’re fighting for. This 3 Day virtual event will help you investigate how mainstream parenting and traditional educational practices maintain racial dominance and control and then reimagine societies that are free of punitive norms by providing practical ways to utilize abolitionist thinking in our schools and in our homes. We know the problems, now it’s time to discuss the solutions!

Meet your Hosts

Yolanda Williams

Founder of Parenting Decolonized

Danielle C. Dunn

Author and Activist

Join Hosts Yolanda Williams and Danielle Dunn, to explore conscious parenting for social justice, as a framework and value system that, when practiced at home and in classrooms, can change how we conceptualize and experience freedom in all segments of society, but especially as parents raising liberated children. 

You can expect talks and panels around different topics related to: 

Parenting and Social Justice

LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiverse Acceptance

Disability and the School to Prison Pipeline

Abolitionist Educational Practices

Antiracism and Bias 

Joy, Rest, and Community Care

Dismantling the Carceral State

Healing Centered Care…and more

Who is the Conscious Parenting for Social Justice Conference for?


Parents & Caregivers. All races.  All cultures. All ethnicities. Activists. Dreamers. Skeptics. Aspiring Activists. Therapists. Educators. Anyone interested in reimagining a liberated future for our children. Anyone who dreams of a future without police, where everyone’s needs are met, without the oppressive yokes of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism but isn’t sure they can imagine a world without them. Join us to discuss the steps we’ll need to take to begin to dismantle this old world to build a new one.

“Without community, there is no liberation…but community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist.”

– Audre Lorde

Meet the Teachers, Coaches Practitioners & Scholar-Activists joining us!

Keynote Speakers

Ally Henny

Jodie Patterson

Meet the Rest of the Speakers

The Schedule

(subject to change)

Friday, June 18, 2021

4:00-5:10 CP4SJ Game Night/Happy Hour with DJ Chris Stylez (All-Access Pass Only)

5:20 Opening Remarks – Yolanda Williams

5:30 Meditation and Breathwork with Kelley Nicole Palmer 

5:45 Decolonizing Spirituality to Raise Liberated Kids- Keynote Speaker: Ally Henny

6:35 “Parenting Outside the Binary for a Liberated Future” (Panel) with Christopher    Edgar-Means, Ira Armstrong

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Live Interviews and Discussion Panels

10:00 Opening Remarks Yolanda Williams

10:10 Meditation, Movement & Breathwork with Kelley Nicole Palmer 

10:30 The Only Way Out is Through: How Healing Ourselves Heals the World- Antoinette Cooper

11:35 Envisioning a World Without the Carceral State (Panel) – Yusef Bunchy Shakur, Cozine Welch, Victoria Burton-Harris 

12:25 Unschooling for Social Justice: How Consent-Based Education Resists Oppression with Iris Chen

1:15  Reparenting Ourselves to Decolonize Our Parenting with Leslie Priscilla Arreola-Hillenbrand 

2:10 From Coercion and Control to Connection and Collaboration with Mr. Chazz 

3:00 Yolanda Williams closing remarks

3:05 – 4:00 Community Gathering (networking sesh)


Interactive Group Workshops (For VIP and All Access Pass Tickets only)

11:30 Take me as I am: Positive Discipline for Neurodiverse Families. With Natasha Nelson

12:25 Undoing Toxic Patriarchy and Internalized Capitalism with Graeme Seabrook 

1:15  The intersection of Anti-blackness, Ableism, Special Ed, and the Carceral State with Heather Clarke 

1:15 Principled Parenting: Raising Empowered Children by Showing Up as an Authentic, Imperfect, Growth-Oriented Parent with Marilyn Oduenyi 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Live Interviews and Discussion Panels 

10:00 Opening Remarks Danielle Dunn 

10:10 Meditation and Breathwork with Kelley Nicole Palmer

10:30 “Envisioning a Bold New World” with Jodie Patterson

11:35 Reimagining Education for a Liberated Future (panel) – Domari Dickinson, Thomishia Booker, Anashay Wright

12:25 Conscious Parenting as an Act of Resistance with Vivek Patel

1:15 Parenting with a Shame-Proof with a Multicultural Lens with Mercedes Samundio

2:05 Theory of Indivisibility-Creating a Framework for a Liberated Future with Sundiata-Soon Jahta

3:00 Closing Remarks- Yolanda and Danielle Dun 

Interactive Group Workshops (For VIP and All Access Pass Tickets only)

12:25 Dads, We Need You!” with DeAtwann “DJ” Johnson 

12:25 Growing Food as an Act of Resistance with Krystle Cameron 

1:15 Raising Antiracist Kids with Janelle Scales

1:15 Empowering Kids + Communities About Their Rights Through Consent Education with Rosalia Rivera –

Coloring Pages for Attendees!

Free coloring pages for download and print so everyone in the family can stay active during the conference!

What to Expect from the Event:

You can expect live discussions, interactive workshops, expert panels around different topics related to abolition and parenting, community and integration pieces, and breath and movement in how we engage with these topics to get to the heart of it all. This is a unique opportunity to hear from a kaleidoscope of voices to help us embody conscious parenting as an act of social justice.


Join Us For:

Perception-altering topics & perspectives 

Interactive workshops from inspirational educators and coaches

Reimagining the human and challenging supremacies 

Embodied healing practices

We’re planting seeds of liberation here. Join us.

“Abolition requires that we change one thing, which is everything. When one says prison abolition, one cannot be talking about only prison. … It’s building the future from the present in all the ways we can.”

– Ruth Wilson Gilmore


Is this only for Black parents?

No, this is a Black-led, multicultural, multi-racial event. All races and cultures are welcome. Please note that some of the subject matters will center BIPOC children and parents, however this will also give you a greater understanding of the nuances of parenting while Black.

What is the cost to attend?

The general admission tickets are $59 for early bird and $79 for regular admission. With the general admission ticket you access to the LIVE event and a workbook to help you take notes during the conference. We strongly encourage you to upgrade your ticket to VIP or All-Access to receive a video and MP3 recording that’ll allow you to go back and watch anything you may have missed.


With the VIP Pass, you get:

  • Access to live conference and recordings for 6 months
  • The CP4SJ Workbook
  • Access to live group coaching workshops during the conference
  • one raffle tickets to win prizes


With the All-Access Pass, you get:

Everything in the VIP Pass plus…

  • Exclusive invite to the Friday night Happy Hour
  • Access to over $500 worth of conscious parenting workbooks, digital downloads, checklists, e-Books, and promo codes by our speakers. 
  • two raffle tickets to win prizes
When is this whole thing happening?

June 18-20, 2021 on Hopin, the virtual conference platform we’ll be using to host this summit. 

Are the times posted for the presentations in my time zone?

All presentation times are in CST

How long will the videos be available?

The conference is live and will not be available for replay for general admission. However, VIP and All-Access Pass holders will gain access to the recordings for six month.

Will all speakers get my email address?

No! Your information is private and confidential. The only emails you will receive will be from Parenting Decolonized.

Are the presentations live?


Where can I view the presentations each day?

The conference will happen virtually via Hopin, which is the conference hosting platform. You will receive an email each day with the lineup and if interested, a text message to remind you to log in. 


Can I watch this on my mobile device?

Yes you can watch via Mobile


Do I need to download a plugin or anything to watch the presentations?

No, but you do need to register on Hopin. You’ll receive an email with instructions for how to do that the week of the conference.


Can I ask the speakers questions during the presentations?

Yes! All virtual rooms include a chat box feature. However, we anticipate this weekend to be well-attended, so we cannot guarantee that speakers will be able to answer all questions from all attendees. If you are interested in receiving additional resources from the speakers, the All-Access Pass includes that benefit.


Are you still accepting speakers?

No, we are fully booked for our 2021 conference! However, if you are interested in being considered for future opportunities, please send us an email at