Reflections After the 2022 Rona, Racism, and Radical Parenting Conference [A solo episode with Yolanda]


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Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and speakers who made this event possible! Your work, passion, and dedication does not go unnoticed.

In this solo episode of Parenting Decolonized Podcast, I’m sharing my thoughts and reflections on the 2022 Rona, Racism, and Radical Parenting Conference. I also get very personal about my current mental health struggles and the moves I’m making to heal.

This conference was three days of incredibly transformative conversation and community. It was beautiful to witness!

But if I’m going to be honest and transparent, planning this event was the most stressful thing I’ve done. It was really difficult to meet a rewarding number of ticket sales. I didn’t even break even. In fact, I actually lost money. 

But this was somewhat of a revelation for me…

I need to do something different. I need to have a different mindset.

Tune in to this short solo episode to hear my genuine thoughts about organizing this conference, why I’m struggling to be a conscious parent right now, and the healing work I intend to do via the Parenting Decolonized Podcast.

If you’re struggling right now, know that you are in company. We’re not meant to do any of this alone, so stick with me and we will heal alongside one another.


‘Til next time, keep it conscious…


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